Countdown to VKIBC 2016 Finals, April 25th to 30th, NYC

European Semi-Final concluded
  • Our first European Semi-Final took place October 16 to 18, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. A great success. See below the list of our prestigious jury members, and the Prizes awarded.
After a successful first European Semi Final, we are proud to announce the dates of the SECOND European Semi Final: 25 to 27 November, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.
Members of the European Jury, left to right:
Jelko Yuresha, former ballet star, English National Ballet;
Charles Jude, Director, Ballet de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux, former Etoile, Paris Opéra;
Anderson Santana, Artistic Director and Founder, Brussels International Ballet School;
Eric Camillo, Professor, Ecole Nationale de L’Opéra de Paris;
Sergei Soloviev, Professor, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, former Principal Dancer, Bolshoi Ballet;
Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Rector, Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, Saint Petersburg, former Etoile, Bolshoi Ballet;
Andris Liepa, President of the Jury, former ballet star, head of the Maris Liepa Foundation;
Margo Sappington, international choreographer;
Valentina Kozlova, former ballet star, Principal dancer with Bolshoi and New York City Ballet, creator of VKIBC, non voting member of the Jury;
Gregor Seyffert, Director, Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin;
Amanda Bennett, Artistic Director, Grand Prix de Lausanne; Director, Ballettschule Theater Basel.
To see photos or place an order, please visit our Photographs / Photos Brussels page
VKIBC Europe Results, Classical
Youth Classical
1st: Pinja Rissanen 
2nd: Caroline Grossman 
3rd: Anna Thomasoff
Student Classical
1st: Mari Bell
2nd: Noémie Fourneau
3rd: McCallister Mick
Junior Classical
1st: Nikita Boris
2nd: Anastasia Tillman
3rd: Magda Studzinska
1st: Fredrico Loureiro
2nd: Justin Valentine
3rd: Gilles Delellio
Senior Classical
1st: Saki Kuwabora
2nd: Nozomi Kayano
3rd: Kazuki Endo
Male: (Only first and second)
1st: Gregor Glocke
2nd: Brent Daneels
Pas De Deux
1st: Nikita Boris and Justine Valentine - Esmeralda 
2nd: Noémie Fourneau and Gilles Delellio-  Harlequinade 
VKIBC Europe Results, Contemporary and Choreography

1st: Jonas Vlerick, Lara Fransen
2nd: Ichika Maruyama, Brent Daneels
2nd: Megane Morehout, Kenza Lee

Solo Division I
1st: Caroline Grossman
2nd: Pinja Rissanen
3rd: Anna Thomasoff

Solo Division II
1st: Nikita Boris
2nd: Kenza Lee
2nd: Anastasia Tillman
3rd: Annika Verplancke

1st: Frederico Loureiro
2nd: Gilles Delellio

Solo Division III
1st: Yewen Xu
2nd: Lara Fransen
3rd: Kenza Lee

1st: Ildar Tagirov
2nd: Brent Daneels
3rd: Angelos Antoniou

1st: Ildar Tagirov
2nd: Jonas Vlerick
2nd: Yewen Xu
3rd: Ricardo Amarante
3rd: Riikka Littunen


In addition to contracts and scholarships, the Semi Final was a qualifier for VKIBC New York 2016 Finals.

Ballet de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux, Director Charles Jude
Saki Kuwabora

Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin, Director Gregor Seyffert
1 week scholarship:
 Abigail Baker
Gisella Assunta
Nikita Boris
Caroline Grossman
Anastasia Tillman
Fredrico Louriero
Justin Valentine

Grand Prix de Lausanne, Ballettschule Theater Basel, Artistic Director Amanda Bennett
2  weeks scholarship:
Pinja Rissanen
Gilles Delellio
Gisella Assunta
Rita Cavalho
Fredrico Louriero

Brussels International Ballet School, Director Anderson Santana
Full year scholarship:
Fredrico Louriero

2 weeks scholarship:
Justin Valentine
VKDCNY, Artistic Director Valentina Kozlova
Summer scholarship:
Ines Souza
Magda Studzinska

Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, Saint Petersburg, Rector Nikolay Tsiskaridze
1 year invitation:
Magda Studzinska
Pinja Rissanen

1 month invitation:
Caroline Grossman

Special invitation to VKIBC NY Finals (participation fee waved)
Ildar Tagirov
Gregor Glocke

To choreograph VKIBC 2016 New York Final Compulsory Piece for men
Ildar Tagirov
See you in New York, April 25th to 30th for the 2016 Finals!
Youth Division
Gold Medal: #8 Hanna Park, #9 Kyung Min Kim
Silver Medal: #3 Caroline Grossman
Bronze Medal: #4 Nicole Diaz, #5 Catherine Faia
Student Division
Gold Medal: #43 Nikita Boris
Silver Medal: #45 Yein Yi
Bronze Medal: #28 Yae Ji Park, #26 Jessica Restivo
Junior Division
Female: Gold Medal: #73 Goh Eun Lee
Silver Medal: #63 Revital Naroditski
Bronze Medal: #70 Nika Afonina
Male:      Gold Medal: #72 Nations Wilkes-Davis
Silver Medal: #55 Leroy Mokgatle
Bronze Medal: #62 Justin Valentine
Senior Division
Female: Gold Medal: #102 So Jung Lee
Silver Medal: #132 Francesca Dugarte
Bronze Medal: #112 Jae Eun Jung, #125 Risa Mochizuki
Male:      Gold Medal: #114 Wonjun Choi
Silver Medal: #100 Sun Woo Lee, #133 Gian Carlo Perez
Bronze Medal: #109 Byul Yun
Gold Medal: #227 Austin Lam
Silver Medal: #221 Jeong Won Lee
Bronze Medal: #214 Revital Naroditski
Solo 10-13 Yrs.
Gold Medal: #203 Caroline Grossman
Silver Medal: #202 Katya Saburova, #206 Faith Marshal
              Bronze Medal: Not awarded
Solo 14-16 Yrs.
Gold Medal: #213 Min Seon Choi
Silver Medal: #207 Nikita Boris
Bronze Medal: #214 Revital Naroditski, #212 Marlena Brinkmann
Solo 17-20 Yrs.
Female: Gold Medal: #224 Yoon Joo Han, #223 Hong Lee
Silver Medal: #215 Maria Ribas
Bronze Medal: #216 Hee Rae Kim
Male:      Gold Medal: #222 Woo Sang Jeon
 Silver Medal: #221 Jeong Won Lee, #217 Ui Heon Jeong
                Bronze Medal: Not awarded
Solo Over 21 Yrs.
Female:  Gold Medal: #225 Yujin Lee
Silver Medal: #231 Ga Yeong Kim
Bronze Medal: #232 Yansi Mendez Bautista
Male:      Gold Medal: #227 Austin Lam
Silver Medal: #235 Icaro Freire, #226 Young Chae Kim
Bronze Medal: #236 Guilherme Riku
Gold Medal: #260 Francesca Dugarte / Gian Carlo Perez
Silver Medal: #244 Icaro Freire / Guilherme Riku
Bronze Medal: #247 Lauren Hesketh / Leroy Mokgatle
State Ballet of Georgia Company Contract- #102 So Jung Lee, #112 Jae Eun Jung, #114 Wonjun Choi, #105 John Abenanty
Ballet Nacional de Cuba Company Contract- #124 Rina Tanaka
Ballet del Centro de Conocimiento Company Contract- #105 John Abenanty, #91 Jackeline Valente
New Jersey Ballet Company Contract- #110 Jason Yeung
Tulsa Ballet II Company Contract- #102 So Jung Lee
Columbia Classical Ballet Trainee Contract- #94 Brecke Swan, #98 Sayaka Takeyama, #109 Byul Yun, #115 Javier Alejandro Monier Jouve
Buglisi Dance Theater Apprenticeship- #221 Jeong Won Lee
Alvin Ailey Summer 2015 Scholarship- #211 Miguel Angel David Arande Maidana
Alvin Ailey Summer 2016 Scholarship- #247 Leroy Mokgatle
Tulsa Ballet Summer Intensive Scholarship- #55 Leroy Mokgatle, #62 Justin Valentine, #72 Nations Wilkes-Davis
Boston Ballet Summer Intensive Scholarship- #26 Jessica Restivo
Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts Scholarship- #36 Gabriela Furst Giesbrecht Fernandes, #43 Nikita Boris
DCNY Summer Intensive Scholarship- #22 Isabel Melo, #46 Sofia Leyva Solis
The Washington Ballet Summer Intensive Scholarship- #55 Leroy Mokgatle
National Ballet School of Canada Summer Scholarship- #26 Jessica Restivo
Houston Ballet Summer Program 2016 Scholarship- #73 Goh Eun Lee, #43 Nikita Boris
Charlotte Ballet School Scholarship- #73 Goh Eun Lee
Studio Harmonic Paris Scholarship- #232 Yansi Mendez Bautista
Espedanse Montpellier Scholarship- #235 Icaro Freire, #236 Guilherme Riku
Accademia Internazionale Coreutica Florence Summer Intensive Scholarship- #92 Yuma Yasui, #70 NIka Afonina
Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse, Paris- #63 Revital Naroditski, #62 Justin Valentine, #99 So Yun Park, #100 Sun Woo Lee
Escola de Dança do Conservatorio Nacional, Lisbon Scholarship- #74 Bruno Palheta, #55 Leroy Mokgatle
Escola Estadual de Dança Maria Olenewa Rio de Janeiro Scholarship- #59 Beatriz Boos
DARC Festival International Summer Workshop Chateauroux Scholarship- #225 Yu Jin Lee
Commission for Choreography for the Washington Ballet Studio Company-  #227 Austin Lam



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