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Contemporary Dance and Choreography Competition 2014

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                      A Celebration of Talent
                    photo: Yelena Yeva




Photo Boz Swope
Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition (VKIBC), is a presentation of the Dance Conservatory Performance Project (DCPP)  a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit dance organization.
Started in 2011 in Boston, the competition was created by Ms. Kozlova to afford student and professional dancers aged 13 to 25 the opportunity to perform  and compete in a positive and encouraging atmosphere before a distinguished panel of judges, many of whom direct national and international ballet companies. The initial New York performance in 2013 included 96 dancers from 21 countries. VKIBC is proud to award not only monetary awards but professional contracts, scholarships, guest appearances and other special prizes to competitors.

VKIBC is a member of Unesco's International Dance Council CID.