A renowned Brazilian choreographer, Ricardo began his dance studies in 1975 at the Ballet STAGIUM with Geralda Bezerra. He studied with great names of Brazilian dance, having as his great master, Ms. Toshie Kobayashi. He danced with "Jazz Company" under Dinah
Perry in the 1980s. In the 1990´s, he spent five years abroad dancing in Japan and Australia.
After teaching at several schools, in 1996 he decided to open his own school - "Pavilhão D Centro de Artes".

Ricardo Scheir was also Artistic Director of "São José dos Campos" Dance Company from 2005 to 2008 and He participated in the structuring and creation of "São Paulo Cia de Dança" (the state ballet company of São Paulo), where he was ballet teacher and rehearsal director for two years.

In 2008, he received the medal of "Artistic Merit", offered by the Brazilian Council of Dance, an organization linked to UNESCO. He was also granted four motions for his services on behalf of brazlian ballet by the prefectures of Osasco, Barra Bonita, São Jose dos Campos and São Paulo.

Ricardo has been awarded at the most important dance festivals in Brazil and abroad: Festival de Dança de Joinville (Santa Catarina, Brazil), CBDD (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Passo de Arte (São Paulo, Brazil), Danzamerica (Argentina), Youth America Grand Prix, Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition (New York, USA). He was the only artist to receive the prize of best choreographer at Festival de Dança de Joinville twice (2000 & 2004).

Guest Teacher of the following Dance Companies:
- Balé da Cidade de São Paulo (Brazil), Cia Deborah Colker (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Bale Castro Alves (Bahia, Brazil), - Sesc Cia de Dança (Minas Gerais, Brazil), TuringerSttatebalett (Gera, Germany), Europa Ballet Conservatory (St. Polten, Austria), New Jersey State Ballet (USA)

As choreographer, he created for groups and companies in Brazil and abroad: 
"Ballo" - São Paulo Cia. De Dança (São Paulo, Brazil), "Enamorados" - Balé da Cidade de Teresina (Piauí, Brazil), "Grito Suspenso" - SESC Cia. De Dança (Minas Gerais, Brazil), "Sentinelas" - Grupo Corpo Livre" (São Paulo, Brazil), "Don´t Look Back" - Europa Conservatory (St. Poelten, Austria)
In 2017, he was the choreographer of VKIBC´s compulsory contemporary solo.
Additionally, he established in 2015 an artistic collaboration agreement with Europa ballet St. Polten Conservatory in Austria.

He has been working as Judge and teacher at various competitions in Brazil and abroad: Festival de Dança de Joinville (Santa Catarina, Brazil), Bravos Festivais (São Paulo, Brazil, Ballace (Bahia, Brazil), Passo de Arte (São Paulo, Brazil), Danzamerica (Argentina), Tanzolymp (Berlin, Germany), Danzando en Lima (Lima, Peru).