VKIBC History


The Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition was born from a desire to give young dancers a platform to compete in a fair, unpolitical forum. VKIBC has quickly gained an international reputation for its fair scoring. Judges' scores are based exclusively on the abilities of the dancer and are not influenced by status of the school, coach or teacher. Dancers ranging from age 11 in the Youth Division, through professionals to the age of 26 in the Senior Division assemble for several days of competition. Competitors are scored meticulously by an esteemed panel of judges, all extremely qualified and reputable in their fields of expertise. 

Valentina Kozlova has vast experience as a competitor, renowned coach and international judge. She understands the conflicts and demands put before both judge and dancer. Because of this VKIBC strives to insure every competitor is scored fairly on technique, artistic interpretation and musicality. During the week of competition in New York City participants are offered a chance to take master classes And audition for scholarships. 

On average, dancers from over 25 countries enter every year. Participation at VIKBC helps these young competitors in a myriad of ways, Whether a dancer hopes to Learn more about how various classical variations are performed, win a scholarship or contract, gain more exposure, or simply wishes to see how they compare to their peers, competitors are able to achieve these and many other goals during the week of professional, supportive and exciting competition.


The esteemed panel of judges has included:

  • Violette Verdy, Honorary Chairman, In Memoriam

  • Mikko Nissinen, Honorary Chairman

  • Andris Liepa, Chairman of the Judges (Russia)

  • Anderson Santana (Belgium)

  • Nina Buisson (France)

  • Charles Jude (France)

  • Nina Ananiashvili (Georgia)

  • Patricia Aulestia De Alba (Mexico)

  • Olga Guardia de Smoak (Panama)

  • Nikolai Tsiskaridze (Russia)

  • Sergei Soloviev (Russia)

  • Dirk Badenhorst (South Africa)

  • Sun Hee Kim (South Korea)

  • Jeon Mi Sook (South Korea)

  • Jelko Yuresha (United Kingdom)

  • Tracy Inman (USA)

  • Joe Lanteri (USA)

  • Terence Marling (USA)

  • Radenko Pavlovich (USA)

  • Troy Powell (USA)

  • Lawrence Rhodes (USA)

  • Margo Sappington (USA)

  • Peter Stark (USA)

  • Ben Stevenson (USA)

  • Martine Van Hamel (USA)

  • Septime Webre (USA)


  • Regina Kaupuza (Latvia)


  • Michael Pink (USA)


VKIBC premiered as the Boston International Ballet Competition (BIBC) in 2011 at The John Hancock Hall. In 2013 the competition moved to its current home, Symphony Space in New York City. The next year VKIBC added one day of competition exclusively for Contemporary dancers and Choreographers, fulfilling its mission of “Preserving the Past, Discovering the Future.” 

VKIBC semi-finals have been held in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2015, Brussels, Belgium in 2015, Posadas, Argentina in 2015 and 2016 and most recently 2019, Brazil in 2017,St. Petersburg, Russia in 2017 and Brazil again in 2018 and soon to be in 2019, VKIBC semi-finals in mexico in 2019 and 2020, VKIBC semi-finals in Paraguay 2018 and soon in september 2019.

The seventh edition of VKIBC took place June 5th - 10th 2017 at Symphony Space in New York City.

The eighth edition of VKIBC took place March 25th - 30th 2018 at Symphony Space in New York City.

the 9th edition took place at Symphony Space March 18th - 23rd 2019.

VKIBC’s 10th edition will take place at Symphony Space March 15th - 20th 2020.

In Nine short years participants from VKIBC have gone on to have wonderful careers in major companies all over the world. We are thrilled to play a small role encouraging them.